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launch advertJust one week to go before the launch event which will see the premier of the animated film, based on the findings and made by Yasmin, with support from Jim Stirk of Red Kite Animation Workshops (and now of Animation Jam). Also featuring will be three briefings summarising some of the key findings from the research.

As well as a talk about the findings, Lisa Aitken from Choose Life Renfrewshire will be talking about an educational package about self-harm; and Angela Voulgari from Penumbra will talk about her work with young people who self-harm.

There will be stalls from a number of organisations: Health Opportunities Team, Crew 2000, Penumbra, Circle, Minds Well and Choose Life.

We have 100 people signed up to come along, and a waiting list. Very exciting and I’m really looking forward to sharing the findings, as well as hearing from the other speakers and delegates about their experiences and work.

All of the briefings and the film will be available for free, online, after the 31st. Links to these will of course be on this site and blog also.

Registration is now open for the launch event on 31st October, 2-5pm at the University of Edinburgh.

Places are limited, so registration is essential.

All welcome, and the event is totally free!

See flyer below for further details, or the click here for link to the eventbrite page where you can register to attend.

SASH flyer – event 31-10-14


launch advert

Meet Jack... and David

Progress on the animated film has accelerated rapidly! Yasmin brought along a whole host of completed puppets to the meeting last week – all ready to be finished off with colours and detail.

These are the finished puppets of Jack and David, the main characters in the film. We will be all ready to start some filming this week.

I’m also working through a lot of analysis, drawing together the online survey, the group discussions and the interviews. Altogether, 124 young people have taken part in the SASH Research Project and shared their views and experiences of self-harm, drug and alcohol use.

Meet Jack

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Meet Jack

This is Jack, for now at least – he may return next week with different eyes! The SASH animated film is starting to come to life!

Jack will be one of two main characters in the film. The picture shows the start of his puppet, and will eventually be in the film… moving around… talking… more next week.

The SASH online survey will be closing in a couple of weeks, so will be trying to see if we can hit 100 responses by then. Meanwhile I’ve been busy analysing the survey responses along with the focus groups. Some really interesting differences coming out between what young people in the groups are saying and what the survey responses are saying. It is a bit too early to share any of the findings just yet – but looking forward to doing so over the next few months.

I’m visiting more schools in the next month to hopefully do a few more group discussions, which will be great. I’ve not done a group discussion since lots of the survey responses came in – so thinking about ways of introducing some of the survey findings into the group discussions to see what people think of them.

Finally – the animation team is slowly coming together, and there have been some really great ideas for what to do with the film already. There is so much data for the team to work with, but I think the team will be able to find a story in it somewhere (or maybe a few stories!).

SASH Film Project - Get Involved!

The SASH Film Project is recruiting a team of 6-8 people, based in Edinburgh and aged 14-18 to help us make an animated film based on the research findings.

Check out the SASH Film Project Page for more details (click the flyer to get there)