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Two events coming up featuring findings from the SASH Research Project.

31st October is the launch of the project findings, and the animated film, made by the wonderful Yasmin. The event sold out within a fortnight (100 tickets!) – really looking forward to sharing some of the findings with everyone.

Also speaking at the launch are Angela Voulgari from Penumbra, and Lisa Aitken, Choose Life Renfrewshire.

I’ve been putting the finishing touches to two publications – one a short leaflet which covers some of the headline findings; and another longer briefing which has a lot more detail. These will be published on the 31st and available for all who attend. There will also be extra copies available, and both will be online as well.

24th November is another event where I’ll be talking about some of the findings. This event is aimed at policy-makers and researchers. Also speaking is Naomi Salisbury, of Self-Injury Support (formerly Bristol Crisis Service for Women). The title of my talk is ‘Secrets and Lies: The challenges of ‘just talking to someone’ about self-harm for young people aged 16 and under’.

Meet Jack... and David

Progress on the animated film has accelerated rapidly! Yasmin brought along a whole host of completed puppets to the meeting last week – all ready to be finished off with colours and detail.

These are the finished puppets of Jack and David, the main characters in the film. We will be all ready to start some filming this week.

I’m also working through a lot of analysis, drawing together the online survey, the group discussions and the interviews. Altogether, 124 young people have taken part in the SASH Research Project and shared their views and experiences of self-harm, drug and alcohol use.

Meet Jack

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Meet Jack

This is Jack, for now at least – he may return next week with different eyes! The SASH animated film is starting to come to life!

Jack will be one of two main characters in the film. The picture shows the start of his puppet, and will eventually be in the film… moving around… talking… more next week.

SASH Film Project - Get Involved!

The SASH Film Project is recruiting a team of 6-8 people, based in Edinburgh and aged 14-18 to help us make an animated film based on the research findings.

Check out the SASH Film Project Page for more details (click the flyer to get there)

Animation workshops 2014!

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Very exciting news! The SASH Research Project has been awarded an Innovation Initiative Grant from the University of Edinburgh Development Trust. This means that in 2014 we’ll be working with Red Kite Studios and some volunteers to develop a short animated film based around findings from the project. The film will help us to reach lots more people, and let them know what young people in Scotland think about self-harm.

More details to follow in the New Year – including how to get involved!