SASH Online Survey & Animation Project – Update!

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Things have been very busy!

57 people have taken part in the SASH online survey so far – this is an AMAZING response! Thank you to everyone who has been involved, and to Lifesigns for helping to advertise the survey.

The survey will be available until mid-April, so plenty of time for others to get involved. The survey is collecting the views of young people (mostly) aged 14-16 who have self-harmed and/or used drugs and alcohol.

Some really interesting stuff coming out of the responses so far – I am going to use some of them in a presentation I will be doing in Nottingham next month. There is a section of the talk that looks at the idea of ‘attention-seeking’ – something I’ve asked about in the survey and in the group discussions and interviews. It is certainly a very controversial topic and I’m really looking forward to being able to look at lots of different views on this, and especially to be able to include perspectives from people who are aged 16 and under.

In other news, Jim Stirk from Red Kite Animation Workshops and I have been busy planning the SASH film project. We are still needing 4-6 more young people who are in Edinburgh, aged 14-18 and would like to get involved in making an animated film based on the research findings. See the animation project page for more details.


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